The Views towards Physical Activity Cards and The Effects of Cards on the Attitudes of Students

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 The aim of this study was to determine the effect of physical activity cards on the attitudes of the students and to determine the views of the students, parents and teachers regarding the cards. 303 students from 5th, 6th, 7th grades were participated within this study. The data were gathered by using “Physical Education and Sport Attitude Scale” and questionnaire forms. The data were analyzed by percentage, frequency and two way repeated measures analysis of variance techniques. The most of the students stated that they liked the lessons, enjoyed having lessons with cards and improved their movement skills, having lesson with cards increased their participation. When parent’s views were analyzed, most of the parents were aware of the content of cards, their children started to take interest in sport gradually after these cards had been used, having lessons with cards contributed to their children’s physical development. When the views of physical education teachers were analyzed, teachers were of the view the cards increased the participation level of the students. Besides, the effects of cards on the attitude of the students towards the lesson were analyzed, a significant difference was seen on the main effect of time x group.



Key words: Physical activity cards, physical education and sport, views, attitude

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