Identify Factors for Entrepreneurship Development in Sport of Iran

Zeinab Mondalizade, Mohammad Ehsani, Hashem Kozechian, Habib Honari
2.354 1.311


Today, entrepreneurship is recognized as a tool for economic growth in many countries. In fact, many governments have been organizing the considerate efforts for activities and identifying components to entrepreneurship. Considering the importance of entrepreneurship, identifying opportunities for entrepreneurship in sports can introduce new components for entrepreneurs to promote economic and social development in the community. So, the purpose of this research is to identify factors for entrepreneurship development in sport of Iran. The research method is descriptive­ analytical one and can be in the applied research. Data is collected by literature study, semi-structured interviews and research designed questionnaires. Findings showed that existing sports specializes and increasing sport sciences are most importance strengths, and most importance problems are management changes, weak management, and policy intervention in sport. So, top managers at the sports organizations should use suitable solutions to decrease challenges and apply suitable plans to provide employment and innovation in sports.


Entrepreneurship, sport, positive factor, negative factor, Iran‎

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