Leyla Saraç, Eda Muştu
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The purpose of this study was to investigate self reported teaching style preferences and perceptions among male and female Turkish physical education teacher candidates. Sixty-one female (mean age= 23.20±1.77 years) and 80 male (mean age= 24.36±2.37 years) physical education teacher candidates studying in 5 different universities participated in the study. In order to collect data Turkish version of “Physical Education Teachers’ Perceptions of Teaching Styles-(PETPTS)” was used. The PETPTS was adapted by İnce and Hünük (2010) from an instrument developed by Kulinna and Cothran (2003). The instrument consisted of a scenario for each of the teaching styles (command, practice, reciprocal, self-check, inclusion, guided discovery, convergent discovery, divergent production, learner’s individual designed program, learner initiated, self-teaching). The participants responded on a 5 point Likert type scale. Results demonstrated that command (x̅= 4.10±.88), practice (x̅= 4.10±.88), and reciprocal (x̅= 4.10±.88) styles were the most preferred teaching styles among physical education teacher candidates. Similarly, value perceptions of participants were highest for command (x̅= 12.01±2.43), practice (x̅= 11.37±2.93) and reciprocal (x̅= 11.33±2.79) style. Female participants used practice style compared to males; but males used inclusion, learner’s individual designed program and self teaching styles more compared to females. In addition, there was a significant statistical difference between the value perceptions of female and male physical education teacher candidates in terms of value placed on teaching styles. Males found to placed higher value on inclusion [t(139)= -2.47, p<.05], learner’s individual designed program [t(139)= -2.51, p<.05] and self-teaching [t(139)= -3.93, p<.001]. Shortly, results showed that the tendency among physical education teacher candidates was to use teacher-centred teaching styles.


Teaching styles, physical education teaching styles, teaching methods, teacher candidate

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