Decrease in Range of Motion and Problem in Learning of a New Sport Skill Subsequently Weight Training in Weightlifters

hassan khalaji, hassan kordi, Alireza Bahrami, Elham Shirzad
2.349 998


The aim of this study was survey of relationship between decrease in range of motion with learning of a new sport skill in people who they had experience of weight training. This research was been by pre-test, three acquisition test, retention test and transfer test, with two group experimental (n=18 weightlifters) and control (n=20 non weightlifters). Data was collected by Universal Goniometer and AHHPERD overhand volley ball serve. All of participants did same schedule program with 120 trials (40 trials in 3 sessions). Date analysis was showed that weight lifters shoulder’s range of motion was significantly (p<0.05) less than control group. Also diversity of performance from pre-test to retention and transfer test not indicated that weight lifters learned skill which practiced it, whereas this result showed that non-weightlifters learned volleyball serve. So we could say that weight lifters worse performed than non-weight lifters in learning of a new sport skill.


flexibility, Glenohumeral Joint, weight lifters, motor learning

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