Halit Egesoy
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The purpose of this study was to examine the replacements of the soccer coaches in the Turkish Professional Super league between 1997-2007 and how these replacements affect their teams. The data in this study were obtained from ‘Turkish Soccer Archives’ web page by Alper Duruk and Turkish Soccer Federation’s formal web pages in last 10 years.

The current study’s data were examined throughout the tables created by Excel program.


According to our findings,116 soccer teams replaced their coaches in the last 10 years in Turkey. Total 310 soccer coaches have worked in the super league. 234 of them were Turkish and 76 of them were international. Approximately 31 soccer coaches were employed in one season. Each soccer team also employed 1.7 soccer coaches per year. %30.6 of the replacement of soccer coaches were accomplished within the first 6 top soccer teams, %21.6 of these replacements were happened in the soccer teams which have   7-12 league degrees and %47.8 of those replacement were accomplished in the soccer teams which finished the super league within 13-18 degrees.

It could be seen that significant differences were found between European and Turkish leagues. While six soccer coaches had been replaced in last 2 years in Germany, the numbers of these replacements were 24 in Turkey.

Finally we can say that if the soccer teams want to be successful they will work with the soccer coaches in a long time.


Key words: Soccer, Super League, Coaches

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